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World 2040 Foundation

Welcome to the world of optimism,
inclusion, equality, and sustainability.



World 2040 Foundation office

Who we are

Welcome to the World 2040 Foundation!

We're a non-profit with a clear mission: tackling the climate crisis head-on. Since 2017, we've been turning passion into purpose by running high-impact projects that create real change. We provide vital climate-related resources, training, coaching, and education to those who need them most.

How do we do it? By joining forces with:

- Ecopreneurs
- Activists
- NGOs
- Volunteers


But here's the thing: we can't do it alone. We're looking for people like you—driven, committed, and excited about building a better world. When you team up with us, you'll:

- Support efforts that change lives
- Create solutions for a brighter future
- Use your skills and passion

No matter who you are, if you share our vision, there's a place for you here.


Explore our mission and find your fit. Whether you bring expertise, enthusiasm, or both, you'll be part of something bigger—a global movement towards sustainability.

Remember: Together, we can achieve great things. When we unite, change happens. Let's build the world we all want to live in. We need you! Be the change. Join us in making a difference—because at World 2040, we don't just talk about changing the world. We make it happen. Let's get to work! 

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Our mission

Empower. Connect. Transform.

We believe:
- Everyone can make a difference.
- Together, we can achieve the extraordinary.

Our path:
1. Raise awareness
2. Mobilize action
3. Create innovative solutions

Our vision

We do our work to see a world free from the most devastating conflicts in 2040, a world where nature and humanity coexist in peaceful harmony and dignity. Our vision is a society where equity and human rights are not just dreams but realities.

Our values

Non-violence, collaboration, self-development and knowledge sharing, inclusion, respect, optimism, and practical actions.

Our approach

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have." This saying reminds us not to underestimate small actions. Even if your resources aren't ideal, do your best to make a difference.


When you act, you contribute to positive change on our planet. Every effort counts, no matter how small. For example, sharing sustainability tips on social media can educate and inspire others to get involved.

Your daily choices, when multiplied by millions, create a meaningful impact. Supporting green businesses, eating local, and going paperless are simple acts that, when widely adopted, have an enormous collective effect.

Your contributions grow stronger when you're part of a larger movement. Grassroots efforts begin with people recognizing their power to drive change. Progress happens step-by-step as eco-friendly behaviors become habits, and habits become the norm.


The journey to a sustainable future starts with you. Don't doubt your potential. Small, consistent actions lead to global transformations. Together, we can preserve species, purify air, and conserve resources—building the world we want for future generations. Begin today with one small sustainable change.

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Lindenlaan 75, 1185 LC Amstelveen

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