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Individual Coaching

A personal way to develop life-changing habits


Time for Individual or Life Coaching

People become interested in Life Coaching when they find themselves at a crossroads. They are unsatisfied with their current situation and want to move toward something different. They have tried to change their lives several times, read self-help books, and attended training and workshops, but it did not work out. Something was missing. Life Coaching helps find what is missing, connect it with what is already available, and find out what is still needed.


What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a form of self-discovery and self-transformation. A skilled facilitator (coach) supports the client in clarifying specific personal goals using various coaching techniques. The coach provides guidance and support during and between coaching sessions.  


Life Coaching is a relationship between a coach and a client designed to maximize the client's potential. The coach helps you access your creativity and experience and re-evaluate available recourses. With the coach's assistance, you discover and eliminate the limiting beliefs that might hold you back. Coaching develops self-awareness and discipline. That enables you to stay focused on pursuing the path you have discovered during coaching and do everything it takes to reach your goals.


Coaching Sessions

In the coaching conversation, you will talk to someone who doesn't judge you and believes you have all the resources to reach your goals. You will be conversing with someone who will be thinking about how to find your way to do what you want to do and become whom you want to be. The current state is examined during coaching sessions, and new inspiring goals are set. Obstacles and challenges, which may come along the way, are unpacked. The course of action is formulated and broken down into manageable steps.


The best way to see how it may work for you is to have an informal conversation with a coach, often called a discovery session. The session takes around 30-40 minutes. During it, the coach and the coachee learn about each other and exchange views about the coachee's specific challenges. The coach shares his perspectives on how coaching can help with a given problem.

The outcome of the discovery session can either be an agreement to work together or the realization that coaching is not suitable for this problem.

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