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Program AWAKEN

Program Description

The program AWAKEN was developed by Sanata Yoga and Coaching team during the darkest period of the global COVID pandemic. At the time, when we all suddenly were put under immense pressure and experienced the highest level of stress. Most of us survived that period without much damage. We also have learned the critical lesson about being prepared for any event in life. Not only financially but also physically and mentally. The team has crafted the AWAKEN program using personal experience, shared wisdom, and scientific research. The program aims to develop inner resilience so you do not allow any longer circumstances to crush you.

During the program, you will learn how to become a Master of yourself, your time, space, and relationships. You will learn to tap into the inner power to create the changes you want to see in yourself. We invite you to move beyond the realm of asana and physical practice. Let’s explore where mindfulness, kindness, compassion, and curiosity are practiced to open the gateway to be in the moment, the gateway to freedom. We will practice self-inquiry through classical mindfulness practices experiencing how to embody ourselves in this moment of life. This program focuses on learning the tools offered by insight traditions, yoga, mindfulness, and compassion-based practice and applying them skilfully in everyday life

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Image by Benjamin Child

The program AWAKEN includes private yoga classes, coaching sessions, and access to the video recording of yoga sessions.

Prerequisite: The yoga practice for at least 6 months, the basic experience with meditation and mindfulness. Have at least one hour per week for self-care and exercises.

Contact Sanata Coaching email:

Phone and WhatsApp: 0031624568500

Money-back guarantee

Should you not reach results within 30 days of doing the program, you can get your money back, no question asked.

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