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Climate litigation

For years, large-scale litigations and class actions have been a significant thorn in the side of big polluters. These companies have been able to use their vast financial resources to drag out legal proceedings, making it difficult for plaintiffs to win their cases and receive compensation for the damage done to their communities and the environment.

But now, the situation is changing. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated environmental lawyers and activists, more and more people are becoming aware of the actual cost of pollution and the need for accountability.

And we see more and more successful climate litigations against polluters, with companies being held accountable for the damage they have caused. Indeed, significant challenges remain. Large-scale litigations and class actions are costly and complicated, with the burden of proof frequently falling on plaintiffs. Nevertheless, these actions will eventually shift how companies approach their environmental responsibilities and take steps to reduce their environmental impact and prevent further harm. And we can optimistically anticipate a more promising future for our planet and its inhabitants.

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Climate litigation

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