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10 Days Yoga Challenge

The challenge “Resilient me” is a part of yoga and mindfulness-based program AWAKEN. Being resilient means more relaxation, less stress, better immune system, and more health and well-being. During the challenge, you will learn new skills for increasing your physical, mental, and emotional resilience. You will be more relaxed and in control.

Each day of the challenge is structured in the following way: we will start with 10 min pranayama and meditation practice followed by 20-25 min of Hatha and Yin yoga practice and 5-7 min of deep relaxation and a short closing meditation.

Welcome to day 1 of the challenge “Resilient me”!

After a short explanation about the challenge and resilience, we will tune in with the breath. You will learn how to set an intention and how to notice the breath in the different parts of the body (belly, nostrils, chest, ribcage). After the gentle yoga practice, we will finish the session with a belly Shavasana.

Welcome to day 2 of the challenge “Resilient me”!

Today we talk about two aspects of resilience: survival, and prosper and thrive. To be a resilient person we need to develop the skill of bouncing back from adverse circumstances and the skill of expansion of our well-been.

Welcome to day 3 of the challenge "Resilient me"!

Today we continue the exploration of survival and prosper sides of resilience. Survive: refuge- a safe place – returning to rational thinking. Prosper: control - expect the best-compassion- optimism- hope

We will move forward with our breath practice. We will go from observing the body breathing to the observation of 4 stages of the breath: Inhale-Pause -Exhale- Pause; We learn about how the process of “effort-stillness-letting go” leads to inner silence.

Welcome to day 4 of the challenge “Resilient me”!

Today you will be introduced to the AWAKEN method. It stands for Allow, Watch, Act, Keep it, Expect the best, Now.  We will Resilience as restoring balance/coming back to the center. We will move from observing the breath to controlling the breath and will start practicing  Box – square breathing:  in 4- hold 4-out 4-hold4.

Welcome to day 5 of the challenge "Resilient me"!

Today we will find answers to the following questions: What does it take to develop a skill? Why do we say “And now is the discipline of Yoga”? What is Tapas practice, and Ishvara pranidana (offering the fruits/intention for something greater)? How we will Keep at it? How to develop the habit of non-judgment and no expectations? What is Santosha (contentment)?

We will practice breath for relaxation in 4 –out 8, and letting go technique. We will end with Viparita Karani – legs up the wall and 61 points relaxation technique.

Welcome to day 6 of the challenge "Resilient me"!

Today we will take one step further: mindfulness techniques for greater awareness and control of physical, emotional and mental states
Mantra, Sitting belly breathing HAM- SAH or SOH HAM – observing the breath - the intention
Mantra as a mindfulness technique to focus the mind.
Relaxation technique - Maximum tension then drop into Shavasana.

Welcome to day 7 days the challenge "Resilient me"!

Today we will go deeper in the exploration of the nature of the mind: focus on the negative (survival); mind wandering (46% of the time); attachment and aversion, judging, holding on – pushing away, like-dislike.

Welcome to day 8 of the challenge “Resilient me”!


Today we will continue the exploration of the mind’s nature and look at the following: (i) focus on negative, (ii) rumination, (iii) comparison to the reference point, (iv) devalue positive (something that we have), (v) MIND WANDERING (Default Mode Network). We will learn how to cultivate positivity as part of Resilience. We will practice (i) Equal Breathing with pauses observation/Belly breathing/ noticing the space between the thoughts/ pauses in the breath- intention, and (ii) Rotation of consciousness - part of the body-front-back left and right side.

Welcome to day 9 of the challenge “Resilient me”!

Today we will continue the cultivation of positive as part of Resilience. We will practice the Box Breathing observation, Belly breathing and noticing, and relaxing in the space between the thoughts/ pauses in the breath. We will pay special attention to setting the intention before any activity.

Welcome to day 10 of the challenge “Resilient me”!

Today we will round up all that we have learned so far about Resilience as a mental skill to avoid traps of the mind/ mind tendencies. We will practice “I do my best- let go of the rest; I do my best – the Universe does the rest” technique, Heart tapping- meridians tapping and 4:8 breathing for relaxation.

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