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Yoga is the most sophisticated tool for self-development

Through many years of practicing and teaching Yoga, we have learned that Yoga is one of the powerful tools to mobilize your potential and resources.  Yoga helps you to tap into the internal powers to create the changes you want. Yoga gives you time to quiet your mind and reflect on what is the most important for you. Yoga awakes creativity. Yoga gives you the power to get past your negative self-beliefs and silence the inner dialogues.  Yoga is energy management, and by practicing, you develop the skill of internal energy management, the ability to control your energy.

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Private Yoga Practice 

A private yoga class or a private yoga program is an effective way to learn and practice yoga. It allows you to focus entirely on your practice and goals. In these classes, you find your source of energy and balance, increase strength and flexibility, and experience profound relaxation. The private practice is suitable for people who know what they want to achieve in yoga and want to do it according to the timeframe. Sanata Yoga offers courses focusing on Shoulders, Deep Relaxation, and the mini-program for people completely new to Yoga. It can be organized for 1 or 2 students.


All private yoga classes and programs start with the intake session. We will cover the following practicalities: 

(i) where the class takes place (a) in the yoga studio, (b) at my private studio, (c) at your location, (d) online; 

(ii) duration of the class;

(iii) the preferred style of yoga;

(iv) price. 

Contact Sanata Yoga email:

Phone and WhatsApp: 0031624568500

Start yoga

Start with Yoga

Start with Yoga Program is for people who are entirely new to yoga or have tried just a few classes. During the program, you will learn the basic building blocks of yoga to feel confident taking a regular yoga class in any studio. After four weeks, you will know how to practice safely 30+ most popular yoga poses, 5 types of pranayama (breathing techniques), and 2 classical meditation techniques. You will also learn to modify poses and use props (i.e., blocks, belts) to maximize the effect of every class.

Price: 87 Euro 4 lessons 60 min each online

Price: 120 Euro 4 lessons 60 min in the studio

Contact Sanata Yoga email:

Phone and WhatsApp: 0031624568500


Shoulders De-Stress class

Take the stress away from your shoulders during 60 minutes Yin Yoga-style class. It will help “resetting” your upper body after a long day spent working at a desk, driving, or cycling. You will be practicing asanas, which target shoulder joints to increase their mobility and range of motion. The class will also help release tension and knots in the upper back and neck muscles. You do not need special equipment for the class; any pillow and blanket will be fine.

The class is recommended to people who want to increase body awareness, prevent injuries, and improve sleep quality.

Contact Sanata Yoga email:

Phone and WhatsApp: 0031624568500


Relax in Yoga Nidra class

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice leading to profound full-body relaxation. It is sometimes called a practice of yogic “sleep”. Your mind remains awake during the practice to follow the relaxation techniques balancing between the world of dreams and consciousness.

Contact Sanata Yoga email:

Phone and WhatsApp: 0031624568500


Corporate Yoga

Yoga and mindfulness

Sanata Yoga offers Yoga and Mindfulness-based training programs to individuals, businesses, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Clients invite us to organize a virtual yoga or meditation class, a yoga workshop, and a yoga and mindfulness training or retreat for their teams. We can arrange a yoga experience in the most suitable for your company format. Our most popular offerings are Office Yoga and Shoulders De-Stress Yin Yoga. You can invite us to organize only Meditation and Pranayama (breath control) classes.

We can combine the yoga practice of your choice with individual or group coaching.

Our Yoga teachers support beginners, encourage intermediate, and challenge advanced students.

Contact Sanata Yoga email:

Phone and WhatsApp: 0031624568500

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Our Story

We, Alex and Natalya, started our yoga journey together more than 20 years ago. We have learned with and drawn our inspiration from many teachers: Gosta van Dam and Patrick Vermeulen, the founders of Yoga in Amsterdam, introduced us to Vinyasa, David Williams and David Swenson (Ashtanga), Rusty Wells (Bhakti Flow), David Luery, Richard Miller and many others.

We are fascinated by yoga as one of the paths to achieving mental and physical vitality, experiencing harmony, and (re)connecting with our true selves, others, and the universe. 


We share the belief that yoga goes beyond the yoga studio and the yoga mat and is part of a mindful lifestyle.  


We founded Sanata Yoga in November 2017.


Discovered Yoga more than 20 years ago. Several years ago, he completed yoga teacher training (YTT 200) in Italy. He combined this passion for Yoga with a career at the leading international law firm until 2017, when he became a full-time teacher at Sanata Yoga Studio.

Alex is constantly on the way to discovering new methods and techniques of teaching Yoga to bring them to his classes. Alex provides yoga students with clear alignment instruction, comforting hands-on adjustments, and inviting yoga practice.

Alex is always happy to chat with students after the class, answering questions about the asanas, the history, and the philosophy of Yoga. He also explains how to connect Yoga and everyday life. He sees that as a role of a yoga teacher – inspiring and supporting students during their Yoga and life journey.

Alex enjoys teaching Yoga because it is so captivating for him to help the students' transformation on the physical and mental levels. He has his yogic roots in Ashtanga Yoga. Alex teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Yoga Nidra for groups and private clients.


The biggest lesson Alex has learned after studying Yoga for more than 20 years is that Yoga never ends. Yoga is the universal, most easily accessible, simple, and at the same time most sophisticated way for self-discovery, self-healing, and self-improvement.


​WhatsApp Alex +31624568500, and he will be happy to discuss what you can achieve on your yogic journey.


Yoga for Natalya is an experiential way to understand the nature of things, the Self, and the world without the obstruction of the mind. She believes in many benefits that yoga brings to one who practices with discipline and dedication. This is not because she studied and read about it (which she did too!) but because she experienced what she teaches.  


Yoga helped Natalya to move further away from pure logical, rational thinking ego closer to the space of equanimity and balance. One day sitting in meditation and observing the endless stream of thoughts passing through her mind, she realized that the mind could not be controlled by the mind. During yoga practice, Natalya often experienced moments when the mind stopped its chatter. Suddenly, many things became clear for her as if the fog obscuring the bright sky lifted. In these moments, there was a sense of clarity and direct knowledge which came without any effort.

Be it physical or spiritual,  yoga brings changes in the life of anyone who practices regularly. All that is needed is to have steady practice and curiosity. The change will come and will not be regretted. For Natalya, yoga is the opposite of rational thinking and reasoning. No need for setting goals and targets. In yoga, change is inevitable as long as one is open to the experience.

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